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6th Form Induction Day at Ndubaluba

The 6th form induction day at Ndubaluba was anything but ordinary. I was challenged as a person, a team mate and a form mate too. The theme for the day was ‘grit‘ so we were expected to show passion for all we were to do that day. Believe me, this looks a whole lot easier on paper and a whole lot nicer when you haven’t been doing physical and mentally challenging activities for what felt like to me like an interminable lifetime. But we had to have grit. Remember?

Whilst I cannot say the activities were kind to my physical and mental state, they opened doors for friendship, hard work and a chance to be the best person I could be. This was not just for the sake of finishing the challenges with grit, but because in life we will not necessarily have it easy; it is often in the times of turmoil when we reach our full potential. Before my day at Ndubaluba I wasn’t ready for the new year, new work or my new form mates. But with the help of the Ndubaluba instructors, my tutors and form mates we were able to set goals for ourselves and buckle up for the year ahead of us. What a beautiful way to begin the school year!

Tabo Inambao, Lower 6th

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