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Music Showcase!

Chengelo School offers a comprehensive Music syllabus that goes all the way up to IGCSE and A Levels, covering Western Classical music as well as traditional music from around the World! There are many benefits to studying music which our students enjoy. The hard work that the music department puts in showed at the School’s musical showcase.

Below is an account from one of our students, Mukumbi Yondela, about her experience of the event!

Music. Beautiful sounds that not only calm our souls, but also unite people. Chengelo offers a unique yet fun and interesting musical curriculum to its students and we were fortunate enough to share it inside and outside the school gates.

On 6th October, about 20 students, including myself, set off to Lusaka for our first music showcase outside of the school, at the Southern Sun Hotel. Chengelo student items included piano pieces, recorder and djembe ensembles, classical voice items and even a saxophonist. I greatly enjoyed my time there as I had never performed piano in front of my family before. It was a blessing to have the support of our Music teachers Mr Chen and Mr Nyirenda.

Just a week later, we all performed again at Chengelo. This was more nerve wrecking as we had to perform in front of more people – the whole school and many guests too. But it turned out to be better than expected. It was more comfortable because this time the showcase was in our new school hall instead of the grandstand.

I love the fact that Chengelo fills our lives with many opportunities that enrich our talents and bring us closer to God. Although in the past music has not been viewed by many as traditionally important subject, it is a brilliant way to express ourselves and fill our hearts with joy. That’s enough to keep me playing!

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