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Primary Gala at LICS

Chengelo Primary School sent a team to the ISAZ Swimming Gala hosted by Lusaka International Community School on Friday 5th October. The team had been practising for weeks leading up to the competition and were in high spirits despite their early start on Friday morning. After a delicious early lunch, the students warmed up in the pool and received their final instructions and encouragement from their coach, Mrs Falcone.

With many supportive parents watching on, Chengelo swimmers competed well and were encouraged by cheering from their teammates. There were many first place finishes but, more importantly, there was great determination shown by all swimmers. Our young swimmers showed great courage, especially those swimming in their first ISAZ gala.

As the score updates were announced after the breaststroke races, it emerged that Chengelo were in with a good chance of victory. They continued to dominate in the butterfly, backstroke and freestyle to win the gala by a huge margin. However, many spectators were more impressed with Chengelo’s conduct, their sportsmanship in shaking hands with other teams after each race and their recognition of God’s blessings on them throughout the day.

Thanks must go to LICS for hosting a fantastic gala and to the Chengelo staff who helped look after the children and helped with jobs at the gala. We are also grateful to parents who came to support the children, it makes so much difference to their performances and morale! Finally, well done to the children, you have made Chengelo proud!

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