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Chengelo Training Farm Manager Required

Description and Vision of Farm

Chengelo Training Farm was set up over 20 years ago with two main purposes. Its vision has been to serve Chengelo School in terms of food production, and secondly to be a centre of agricultural training and discipleship for farmers and Chengelo School students. The farm currently comprises a dairy, pig unit, layers, vegetable garden and a butchery. A Training Centre has also recently been built, providing a venue for agricultural training and discipleship and the farm now holds training courses regularly here.

The farm has three main areas of focus for training.

  • Firstly it works with Chengelo School in helping deliver their agriculture qualifications.
  • Secondly the farm is a base for Foundations Zambia, who disciple people in farming, family and finance.
  • Thirdly CTF aims to up-skill and help farmers develop by providing training courses for them to attend.

Job Description

This role would be overall responsible for the farm which includes:

  • Overseeing existing operations, working with the Assistant Farm Manager to grow the farm to a financially self-sustaining level; Developing existing enterprises to the next level in terms of production efficiency and as excellent learning models for other farms,
  • Developing new enterprises relevant to our local agricultural sector and doing research and development to serve farmers with new knowledge,
  • Take the lead on investing in the spiritual health of our farm employees.
  • Manage external relationships with suppliers, customers, sponsors and research stakeholders.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate would have a Kingdom mindset, as this position has lots of ministry opportunities to serve our own staff and the wider Mkushi community. They would have agricultural and business management experience and enjoy developing new things and being hands-on.

Salary/Support Depends on experience and situation of applicant.

Start Date: Needs to start by January 2019, but ideally before for a good handover.

Contact Details: Please send your CV and a covering letter to

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