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Sixth Form attend Clarity 4D Course

This weekend our Upper Sixth Form took part in a one day course exploring personality profiles. ‘Clarity 4D’ is designed to provide valuable insight into different personality types and provokes questions such as ‘what is the difference between personality and character?’, ‘How does my personality affect the way I think and work?’, ‘Can I change my personality?’, ‘How can I relate to someone with a very different personality?’

Students complete a comprehensive questionnaire several days before the course which generates a unique personality profile. Throughout the day our students took part in activities and seminars to help them understand more about who they are and how they can relate better with others. This is a vital part of the Sixth Form experience and is a unique tool for self-exploration, professional development and university preparation. We’d like to thank Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre for supporting our Sixth Formers in their development on this course.

Mr Jon Hammond – Head of Sixth Form

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