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Cross Country Race at Martin House Trust School

Chengelo School travelled to Martin House Trust School in Chisamba on Friday 2nd February to compete in a cross country event the next day. With fourteen schools involved, competition was going to be tough. The runners were split into age categories, of which Chengelo were competing in three, with 5 girls and 5 boys in the under-9, under-11 and under-13 categories.

When all teams had arrived, the first race was able to start. Six-year old Naomi Foster was the outstanding runner for Chengelo in the under-9 girls’ category, finishing in 17th place out of 50 runners with Antonella supporting her in 18th place and the rest of the team also putting in a great effort to help their side.

In the under-9 boys’ race, Raphael Chibangu achieved an 8th place finish, with another six-year old, Benjamin Hammond, impressing with a 19th place finish. Elisabeth Phiri was Chengelo’s first finisher in the under-11 girls’ race, followed by Philippa Holding. In the boys’ race, Yamikani Sikamo put in a fantastic performance to finish 10th with Darius Mutemwa and Cawanzi Banda supporting each other well to finish in 22nd and 23rd place respectively.

The under-13 races were the most exciting for Chengelo supporters. First, Grace Ngungu and Natasha Malokota secured a Chengelo one-two by working together and leaving the rest of the field well behind them. The rest of the team did well to finish in the top 20 as well.
The boys’ race also gave Chengelo something to cheer about, with Chimya Bwalya finishing in third place after a gruelling sprint finish. Once again, the rest of the team complemented the first runner by all finishing in the top 20.

The Chengelo team showed excellent behaviour throughout and supported each other, especially at the end of each race. There were also examples of some of the Chengelo core values in action with Raphael Chibangu helping Joshua Malokota to the first aid tent when he was injured as well as all our pupils putting their trust in God by praying before their races. Most of all however, the pupils showed perseverance and impressed everyone by doing their very best.

We are grateful to Martin House Trust School for welcoming us and hosting us so well as always. Also, thank you to all the parents who came to support the children and to the teachers who accompanied them on the trip. Well done, everyone!

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