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Inspiring Inventions!

Ask. Imagine. Plan. Create. Test. Improve. Share.

Chengelo Primary hosted their first STEM week during Week 4. What is STEM? Who uses it? Why do we need it? These were just a few of the questions children began to ask as they unpacked the meaning of STEM.

Each day was kick started with a STEM assembly, where guest speakers shared interesting, practical examples of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We created ‘elephant’s toothpaste’, we explored the combine harvester, we witnessed a model airplane in flight and we solved fun math problems.

The Secondary School Science Department hosted our Grade 6 and 7 classes for an afternoon of microscopes, circuits and chemical reactions! These two classes then went on to lead their own workshops; collecting resources, testing activities and preparing presentations. Each class took it in turns to engage in the wide variety of STEM activities on offer. There were bubble wands, hoop gliders, spaghetti structures and balloon powered cars, to name a few! This was one of my favourite moments of the week and it was wonderful to see such joy and discovery on the children’s faces.

To finish off a fabulous week, we celebrated all the STEM projects that the children had created at home and brought to school to share. True to the theme of the week, there were some fantastically ‘INSPIRING INVENTIONS’ from our up and coming, future inventors!

  • The Seed Shaker by Rosamund
  • The Rocket Launcher by Yasshi
  • Crystal Geodes by Theo
  • The Recycled Raft by Simeon
  • The Hamster Agility Course by Ava
  • The Oreo Vending Machine by Taonga and Wankisa
  • The Rodent Wrangler by Sam
  • BioDegradable Plastic by Maddie
  • Suit of Armour by Miguel, Richard and Chisalaba

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