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Form 3B Mumpu Experience

It was a long drive to the mountain. Everyone was anxious to get there, though deep down there were some fears based on stories from those that had dared to climb the mount before us. Eventually we arrived at Changwena Falls which is the base camp, approximately 7 km from Mount Mumpu. The camp was calm and peaceful though it was a challenge to cook our own food using firewood we collected. This experience made us treasure our parents and chefs who cook for us.

Next day, we went for a walk through the forest. There was a river nearby and so we made a single file and walked back to camp through the waters. It was refreshing and calming to walk on the river bed and made us appreciate God, our creator.

Walking the 7 km towards Mumpu seemed very easy, until we discovered that we had lost our way. Somehow we had wandered away into the thick forest but we prayed to God for someone to come our way and fortunately our instructors rescued us! 

Our spirit was rejuvenated and we marched up into the cave through the mountain and emerged victorious at the top of Mount Mumpu. We made it. With God by our side, all things are possible!

Story and Photos byBenson Chisenzi


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