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Form 1 Camp – The Adventure Never Ends!

In striving to provide a holistic Christian education, Chengelo has embraced outdoor adventure as  a means of encouraging students to grow in character and confidence through tackling various challenges set for them to conquer.

Very early on the morning of the 27th of January, our Form 1 students began a unique and extraordinary journey, walking 13km through the bush, over hills and through valleys to find their way to a special place known as the Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre.

After being placed in groups, students had to complete a series of challenges guided by expert Ndubaluba instructors. These challenges included Survival, Orienteering, Kayaking, Climbing and Initiative Tests. The challenges are designed to instil Perseverance, Faith, Servant-heartedness, Creativity, Integrity and Responsibility which are the core values of the school.

Students also had set quiet times which gave them the opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the day, especially through the challenges they encountered and how to apply them to their daily life. Each group also had the opportunity to camp out in the bush away from the centre for a night and experience the wonder of God’s creation first-hand.

On Thursday morning the famous Rocket Race was flagged off. This event is a 10km adventure race with various initiative tests along the route designed to test the students on all they had learned during the week. When the rocket is finally launched it signifies that a team has completed all the set challenges and it’s time for celebration!

Finally, on the last evening of camp, students were given a chance to showcase their talents through songs, skits and dances! A great time was had by all.

Thank you as always to the hardworking Ndubaluba Team and the Form 1 tutors who ensured the camp was a great success. 

Story & Photos: Morgan Khondowe
Additional Photos: Mukumbi Yondela


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