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Primary Hill Climb!

Last Saturday morning many of our students had travelled to Simba School for a hockey tournament so the remaining boarders decided to go on a journey of their own to see the cross and the stunning view from the top of the hill that overlooks the school.

Great effort, normally only displayed by seasoned Sherpas, was evident as everyone persevered to make it to the peak. Delicious muffins were munched with great gusto, a wonderful reward for their efforts. Everyone was very excited on the way down and keen to pass on their experience of climbing to the top of the Chengelo hill. Needless to say, rest time passed with out any incident as everyone slept soundly.

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  1. Melvyn Nolan

    While I was at Chengelo we would go up to the cross often on our first Saturday each term. In term 1 it was often our town dwellers who found it difficult and I remember two five year olds making it with ease but our new townies struggled. It was always one of my favourite walks.