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Form 2 Tribal Survival Adventure

Tribal was quite the experience! When we arrived, we were split into our ‘tribes’ which we named ‘Versace Bando’ and ‘Jumani Warriors’. At midday, we began to prepare for the ‘Kuomboka Ceremony’. Our teams were given two canoes, two bamboo sticks, ropes and a chair for our chief. The challenge was for the teams to switch canoes, which was quite a disaster because both canoes both capsized! After all the fun in the water, we rowed back to dry land and began to cook our own supper. This was followed by some stories in the evening where we had fun putting all our creative ideas together.
Every morning, we were given some challenges to earn both points and our breakfast. We took part in various team activities such as canoeing on the dam, bushwalking as well cook a chicken for ‘super supper’! Other challenging tasks included making our shelters, cooking food for our teammates with nothing but a knife and a fire as well as ‘Tribal Chills’ where we had to enter the cold, cold water and do some activities.
At Tribal Survival, we learnt a huge number of valuable life lessons. Each person learned different things but we all realised that our attitude determines our altitude. We also discovered that when we work together and all put one hundred percent into everything, it all seems easier and runs more smoothly!

Report by 2C girls: Tamia, Chilombu, Natasha B, Natasha M, Selina, Ruth, Wana, Bupe, Nobu, Tionge and Twapalwa.


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