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Chengelo Invitational Gala

Following the cancellation of the ISAZ Copperbelt Swimming Gala, Chengelo staff still wanted to give the pupils, who had been training since the start of term, a chance to compete in the pool. As a result Chengelo hosted an invitational gala on the 10th of February and Ndola Trust School were able to make the journey to compete.

Chengelo entered both an ‘A’ Team and a ‘B’ team, a testament to the school’s strength in terms of talented swimmers and also an example of Chengelo’s belief in inclusion during school events.

Chengelo Primary swimming coach, Mrs Saint, selected swimmers from age 6 up to age 12 and the spectators enjoyed seeing a range of ability, from swimmers who have just discovered their talents to those who have been competing in such events for many years. There were dominant displays from the likes of Keith Mukata, Darius Mutemwa and Natasha Malokota who looked unbeatable in their races as well as very solid performances from Grade 3 pupils Naomi Foster, Oliver Swan, Liam Holding and Benjamin Hammond. The crowd were also treated to individual medleys from Joshua van der Maas, Grace Ngungu, Shalom Musonda and Chipo Tembo who showed their range of strokes and terrific endurance.

It was an enjoyable morning for all involved and even the threat of rain couldn’t dampen people’s spirits! Chengelo pupils showed great sportsmanship in all races, always remembering to congratulate the other swimmers in their races and Ndola Trust School were worthy opponents! Chengelo certainly benefitted from home advantage and final scores put Chengelo in first and second place and Ndola Trust School in third.

Our special thanks go to Ndola Trust School who travelled here especially for this event, to our parents for their support, to Chengelo Training Farm for the burger stand and to all staff who helped the morning run smoothly. Last but not least, well done to all the pupils for their excellent performances!

Text & Photographs by Josh Gibbons

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