A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Welcome to the interactive programme of our February production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We are thrilled to find you here, and we hope you enjoy browsing the page.

It has been a while since Chengelo put on a Shakespeare play, and those readers who are alumni may indeed recognise some of the costumes from the annals of the school. We were delighted to find such sartorial gems in our costume cupboard to enhance this week’s production, and would welcome any comments you may have about their past use.

Our challenge this half was to put on a Shakespeare performance in six weeks, and I hope that those of you fortunate enough to witness the production first hand will consider the mission successful. Having auditioned in week 1, in week 2, the cast received their scripts for the first time. This means they have had only 4 weeks to learn all the lines, in a language few of them recognise – or at the start even understood! However, they have picked up this gauntlet with aplomb, and I’m sure you will agree with me that they deserve to be fully congratulated on their performances.

It is Shakespeare’s understanding of human emotions that makes him a master playwright, and, although the plot has many twists and turns, I hope that some of this mastery will be evident in the production. It is indeed amazing that a play written over three hundred years ago remains relevant today, on a different continent. I’m sure that Shakespeare himself would be equally amazed by just how far his work has travelled if he were to visit us this week. We look forward to making this just the start of many more forays into his world in the terms to come.

Plot Summary

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Plot Summary

Theseus, the duke, and Hippolyta are soon to get married, but their wedding planning is quickly interrupted by Theseus’s advisor, Egeus. Egeus’s daughter, Hermia, and Lysander are in love with each other. However, Egeus does not approve. He wants her to marry Demetrius, and threatens to have her executed if she doesn’t agree to marry him. Demetrius is quite happy to marry Hermia, but she does not feel the same way. So, late at night, Hermia and Lysander run away into the woods to get married.

Unfortunately, Hermia and Lysander tell Hermia’s friend, Helena, their plan. Helena is in love with Demetrius (although he doesn’t love her back) so she tells him the plan in an attempt to get him to like her. This doesn’t work, as Demetrius follows Hermia and Lysander into the woods, pursued by Helena.

Elsewhere, a group of workers have heard that the duke is looking for entertainment at his wedding, so they have decided to put on a play. One of the workers, Bottom, is keen to play every part, much to the despair of the others. Later that night, the group of workers get together in the woods to practise their play.

Meanwhile, in the woods, the King and Queen of the Fairies, Titania and Oberon, are having a fight. Titania has stolen a small boy to be her toy, but Oberon wants the boy to be his servant. Oberon is so annoyed with her that he gets his messenger, Puck, to play a prank on Titania. Puck casts a spell on one of the workers, which gives him a donkey’s head. Then, he puts a special love potion in Titania’s eyes so that she falls in love with this half-man, half-donkey, much to everyone’s amusement.

Oberon also tells Puck to use the love potion to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena. However, Puck gets confused, and puts the love potion in the wrong person’s eyes, so that both Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena.

Helena thinks that they are making fun of her, while Hermia is hurt because Lysander insults her and tells her that he no longer loves her. Lysander and Demetrius challenge each other to a fight and attempt to fight each other, while Puck (invisible) winds both of them up.

Eventually, with a bit of help from Puck and Oberon’s magic, everyone ends up back in love with the right person. Puck takes the spell off, removing the donkey’s head, and Titania and Oberon get back together.

The play ends with the workers performing their play for the Duke and his new wife. They are very bad at acting, singing and dancing, but this creates a comical performance.

Meet the Players

The Court


Lower Sixth
Acted in Toliwe & Ichengelo


Form 4

Mr. Philostrate

Form 1

Mrs. Philostrate

Form 2


Form 1

The Lovers

Form 4
Form 5
Form 5
Lower Sixth – new to Chengelo this year

The Mechanicals

Mr. Quince

Form 5, also took a leading role in IChengelo

Mrs. Quince

Form 5, also took a leading role in IChengelo


Form 2


Form 3


Form 2


Form 5


Form 2

The Fairies

Form 1
Form 4 – new to Chengelo this year
Form 4
Form 2 – new to Chengelo this year
Form 3
Fairy 1
Form 4
Fairy 2
Form 4, also took a leading role in IChengelo
Form 2
Form 1
Cast List

The Court

Theseus: Gawen Powell
Theseus’s Bodyguards: Paul Imbwae, Khumbo Banda
Hippolyta: Jedaiah Simwanza
Egeus: Harsh Valand
Mr Philostrate: Mwaba Bwalya
Mrs Philostrate: Imani Makasa

The Lovers

Hermia: Nadia Chikwanda
Helena: Misozi Lubusha
Demetrius: Katondo Kandeke
Lysander: Mwai Kaunde

The Mechanicals

Mr Quince: Tokoza Thawethe
Mrs Quince: Mukupa Lungu
Snug: Kaindu Yondela
Bottom: Mulambo Haimbe
Flute: Chimya Bwalya
Snout: Madalitso Mwanza
Starveling: Taonga Mwale

The Fairies

Puck: Lilly Brubacher
Fairy 1: Enala Nkwazi
Fairy 2: Mukumbi Yondela
Oberon: Lubuto Ntambo
Titania: Josephine Phiri
Peaseblossom: Yamika Kumwenda
Cobweb: Anna De Wet
Moth: Grace Mpamba
Mustardseed: Hannah Falcone
Little boy: Toby Wade

Elf Bodyguards:

Lupando Chipimo
Muhau Munyinda
Jonah Bomett

Fairy Chorus:

Chimwemwe Nachinga
Namoonga Ndambo
Grace Ngungu
Eviana Kawinga Alexandra Powell
Sandra-Dawn Stubbs
Wakanjira Nyirenda
Natasha Malokota

Fairy Dancers:

Keturah Chundula
Twapalwa Chisanga
Wana Botha
Bibusa Sikamo
Malambo Chizyuka
Chimwemwe Malokota

Elf Dancers:

Chamfya Chisala
Mphandika Chatta

Primary Ballet Fairies:

Kezia Thompson
Nikki Chomba
Abigail Tembo
Ava North
Shekinah Chibangu
Yahvi Sharma
Wankisa Nachinga
Taonga Miti
Naomi Foster
Kara Anderson
Luyando Mwanamambo
Lusayo Mwenechanya
Mercy Chisi
Malaika Beel


Chungu Healey
Xiang Xiao

Luyando Lisimba
Saul Chipwayabokoma

Mr Lembalemba
Andrew Mwape


Stage Manager: Celia Sherriff
Nobu Wakunguma
Chilombu Sankenga
Tionge Chilinda
Ruth Nyirenda
Lilato Chikwelete

Miss Mukupa
Mrs Foster
Mrs Cowling
Chungu Healey

Producer & prompt: Mrs Asukile
Director: Miss Beaumont
Assistant: Mrs Gerety
Musical director: Mr E Nyirenda
Band: Mr M Nyirenda, Mr Wade

Primary Fairies

Erin Bentley, Uchizi Bwalya, Cecilia Chilongo, Johanna Cowling, Suni Dowds, Ezra Gerety, Philippa Holding, Hadassa Kalubi, Keziah Kasonso, Antonella Malenga, Hezel Mulenga, Sepo Mwanamambo, Malumbo Mwansa, Charlotte Swan, Faith Tembo, Hope Tembo

Primary Elves

Cawanzi Banda, Raphael Chibangu, Luyando Chitembo, Shayne Kibombwe, Mukuka Lubusha, Chiputa Mwansa, Joshua Onwuka, Yamikani Sikamo


Director: Mrs. Benzon
Uchizi Bwalya, Raphael Chibangu, Cecilia Chilongo, Luyando Chitembo, Suni Dowds, Reuben Foster, Philippa Holding, Hadassa Kalubi, Shayne Kibombwe, Mukuka Lubusha, Antonella Malenga, Abigail McLeod, Hezel Mulenga, Darius Mutemwa, Sepo Mwanamambo, Chiputa Mwansa, Malumbo, Mwansa, Moses Nkowane, Joshua Onwuka, Yamikani Sikamo, Faith Tembo, Hope Tembo