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Ndubaluba Outdoor Instructor

Job Title: Outdoor Instructor

Job Advert:Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre is looking to recruit an Outdoor Instructor with Rock Climbing Qualifications to commence from January 2023.

Location: Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre, Mkushi, Zambia

Job Description:You will work with a variety of age groups from a range of backgrounds on school camps and expeditions leading activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting, climbing, hill-walking, problem-solving, bush craft and Christian adventure learning.

Salary / benefits: You will receive a monthly salary, approx. 8 weeks annual holiday and an end of contract gratuity. Accommodation and some meals are provided. Flights, visa and work permit costs are covered. It is a 2-year contract which is renewable.

Requirements:We are looking for individuals with a passion for working with young people in a Christian ministry, a sense of calling to Christian Adventure Programs and the relevant qualifications and experience in using adventurous activities in the outdoors to develop character in young people.
You should preferably have qualifications in at least 2- 3 of the following areas:

  • Rock Climbing and abseiling (Requirement for this position)
  • Hill/Mountain walking leader
  • Paddle sport (canoeing/ kayaking/ rafting)
  • Bush craft / survival
  • Gorge walking/ canyoneering
  • Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journeys

In addition, you should have at least 2 years’ experience working with young people in an outdoor education/Christian camp context.

Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre is focused on Christian Outdoor Adventure Education. It is therefore a requirement that the post-holder is a committed Christian.

Employer: Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre provides Christian Outdoor Adventure Education for young people across Zambia, including students at its partner school Chengelo. Our outdoor programme takes place in multiple locations across Zambia including Lake Tanganyika, Mulungushi Gorge, Kundalila Waterfalls and Mount Mumpu.

Further information and How to Apply: For further information, please contact us or refer to our webpage. To apply please send a CV detailing your experience and qualifications in the outdoor industry.

Email: ndubalubahead@chengeloschool.org

Telephone: +260970550210

Webpage: www.ndubaluba.org

Webpage: https://www.chengeloschool.org/adventure-education/ndubaluba-outdoor-centre/

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/NdubalubaOutdoorCentre

Closing Date: 04 November  2022

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